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What do they need to wear?

Each class has a different uniform which can be purchased from the school once your child has decided they want to keep coming to class. Initially Comfortable clothing - t-shirt, joggers/shorts and bare feet or trainers is fine. 


What age can pupils start?


Children can start classes at age 3, although Mummy and Me classes children can start from walking.


Can I watch the class?


We do not encourage parents to watch as children behave very differently. If it is your first week, you may watch to make sure you are happy with the class. Parents will be invited to 'watching week' every other term to see how their children are progressing.


How much does it cost?

Fees vary from class to class but are always charged per term. Discounts are offered for multiple classes and families. Please contact if you would like more information or to arrange your free trial class.

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