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As you may know, the Law with regard to the holding a person’s personal data is changing and the new Law (called the General Data Protection Regulation) came into force in May 2018. 

The main differences to current Data Protection Legislation are as follows:

1) Organisations will need the explicit permission of each client to be able to hold a person’s data e.g. name, phone number, address, and email address etc. 

2)  Organisations need to keep this data stored safely so it is not available to a Third Party. 

3) Organisations must not pass on any person’s personal data to a Third Party without the express permission of that person. 

4) Organisation must delete a person’s data if the person requests it, or if the person is no longer involved with the Organisation.

The personal information that we request of you with a registration form on enrolment include;

  • Your child’s full name

  • Your child’s date of birth

  • Your full address

  • Telephone number

  • Email address

We hold the information so we can contact you in regards to our timetable, term dates, exams, show information and fee notes.

We ensure that the hard paper copies of this information are held in a locked cupboard and any information we transpose onto a computer is password protected.

We will shred and delete this information at the end of the school year in July if you leave the school assuming all fees are up to date. 

It is important that if any of your personal information changes you inform us immediately, so we can update our records this includes change of address, telephone number or email address.


The only circumstance where we would need to pass on any information on a child is when they are being entered for examinations under the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) who are also in compliance with the new GDPR laws.

Jennifer Todd School of Dance give you our guarantee of all the above and, this guarantee by myself, Jennifer Carr (Principal).

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