Primary Tap (combined class) 15:45-16:25     Victoria Hall

Grade 1 Tap (combined class).    16:45-17:30   Victoria Hall


Grade 1 Tap (combined class).      16:20-17:00     Victoria Hall

Grade 2 Tap (combined class)17:00-18:00     Victoria Hall

Grade 4 Tap                      18:30-19:00      Victoria Hall



Primary Tap (combined class)    09:35-10:05     Old Woking

Grade 1 Tap (combined class) 10:35-10:55     Old Woking

Grade 2 Tap (combined class)   11:50-12:30     Old Woking

Grade 6 Tap                       12:45-1:30       Old Woking

Tap is a fun form of dance that concentrates on different rythms, using the tap shoe as a percussive instrument. An exciting and noisy class! The ISTD tap syllbus is followed through the grades.